Individual Digital Marketing Training

About Our Individual Training Program

It’s not necessary that you should be part of a big organization or posted on a higher position. You can still join us as an individual and update yourself with digital marketing. An individual training program includes different batches for SEO trainings, SEM Trainings and Social Media trainings.

We have the below two training modules for the individuals, who wants to upgrade their online marketing knowledge:

1-to-1 (One-to-One): 1 Trainer and 1 Trainee

1-to-many (One-to-Many): 1 Trainer and 10 to 15 Trainees/Individuals

The trainings we will conduct in these modules are:

The add-on to individual trainings will be the “SEO Wednesdays”, where we all from different classes will come together and discuss the recent updates and share the impacts we see on the websites with reference to SEO, SEM and SMO. We have seen a very positive impact of such meet-ups, as it helps everyone to understand the update better, which in turn helps to implement and optimize websites better.

To get our curriculum details based on your requirements, please feel free to Contact Us with your training requirement and we will be more than happy to help you out.