Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Why Search Engine Marketing?

SEM is a cost-effective model when compared to the traditional way of marketing, the campaigns that we build can be easily managed and monitored. The results are very quantitative, and it can be tracked easily with a web analytics tool. It is a fast way to boost your site traffic with an excellent reach through search engines and search networks.

Why Our SEM Services?

Our Search Engine marketing services are tailored to provide the best combination of CPC, CPM and CPA based advertising and marketing models along with the keyword research, ad copy creation, bidding strategies, landing page optimization, geographic and demographic targeting. We promise you a better brand and website visibility through search engine marketing in the long-term as well as short-term business goals.

Our SEM services are not just limited to creating keyword list, ad-copies, bidding strategies, landing page optimization, geo and demographic targeting. We go to few more steps further and analyze your performance and make required changes in the strategy, so that you get a better ROI and excellence in performance.

Mainly there are three kinds of Search Engine Marketing models:

1. CPC: Cost Per Click
Here you pay for the clicks made by the user on your ad-creative on search engine, search network or online media websites.

2. CPM: Cost per Thousand Impression
Here, you pay for 1 thousand impressions on your ad-creative or ad-copy. This is generally applicable to contextual targeted campaigns.

3. CPA: Cost per Acquisition
Here, you pay for each conversion that takes place through your ad-creative. The conversions like: sale, lead, request quote, download, etc.

We help you in achieving your business targets with our expert SEM advice and world-class strategies. It can be a brand-building effort, an event promotion, a lead generation tactic or increasing the subscriber base. We are there to assist you in achieving your goals with excellence and quality.

Our SEM Process

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